In our library we store approximately 5,000 volumes, which comprehend the most authoritative English, American, South African, Australian, New Zealand, as well as Italian and French texts of the last century on comparative trust law.
Our library includes monographs, periodicals, treatises, commentaries, juridical encyclopaedias, both Italian and foreign, which deal with the tools known to civil law for the protection of patrimonies, but also for the safeguards of creditors vis-à-vis such protection techniques, with inheritance and donation law, with corporate law, with tax law and finally with the major studies concerning the issues arising from the generational transition of patrimonies and enterprises.

On January 31st, 2014 the catalogue of our library has been officially inserted in the On line Public Access Catalogue of National Library Service (OPAC SBN). Thousands of our volumes have already been listed in the online catalogue; a few more months, though, will be necessary to complete the insertion task.

Until then, you can check the availability of the books not listed on the online catalogue by sending an e-mail at

On appointment you can consult our books at our offices in Pesaro and Milan. Loans are not allowed.